How to?

How to open an Everest account?

How to upgrade your account and benefit from all Everest advantages?


  • What is Everest?

    Everest is a flexible tool kit designed for startups and small businesses just like yours. We have at your disposal exactly what you’ll need and perhaps a little more: Mastercard* business cards with adjustable team limits and flexible spending mode, simple interface and notifications, fair and transparent fees, intuitive time saving expense management and unique community deals. For more information, please visit our services page. 

    * The card is issued by SnapSwap International, a Mastercard Principal Member holding an EMI license in Luxembourg.

  • Registration

  • Do I have to send my documents by post or visit a branch?

    We want to help you open your account as quickly as possible, so we operate online without physical branches. Building trust is important for us as it is for you. While onboarding a new business customer we would appreciate it if you share the information and a couple of documents.

  • How to register?

    To register, visit the page and follow the instructions to open your everest account. If you have any issues, please contact us at, we’ll be happy to support you.

  • Cards

  • What card will I receive?

    You will receive a World Business Mastercard. A virtual card is issued instantly, and you are welcome to get a plastic card as well for your convenience. You can have a virtual only card for your online subscriptions and a separate plastic card for the T&E spend, for example. Five cards are included in our basic plan, but you can go well beyond that to match your needs. You can order cards from your dashboard.

  • Account features

  • Can I export my transactions?

    Yes, you can export the list of transactions as a .csv file from your Everest dashboard. 

  • Can I have a monthly statement?

    Statements are automatically generated and can be found in the dashboard.

  • Are there limits on my account?

    The limits are set up for the company total spend, subject to Everest approval. In case you have an insufficient limit, consider adding your own funds via bank transfer or setting up a Direct Debit before attempting large transactions. Also, you are free to define the limits of the team cards.

  • Can my business partner or employees get cards as well?

    Absolutely! That’s the way we designed the tool kit. Just go to the dashboard and get an invite link.

  • Pricing

  • How much does Everest cost?

    The basic plan includes a mix of up to 5 plastic and/or virtual cards for a monthly fee of 20€. Please find the pricing details here: /index.php/pricing/

  • Security

  • Is my personal data protected?

    When it comes to personal data, we treat this matter seriously. We comply with all the legal requirements and do follow the best industry practice. Please check our privacy policy: /index.php/privacy-policy/

  • Is my money safe?

    Yes, as an electronic money institution regulated in Luxembourg, we are obliged to ensure the constant protection of our clients funds by applying certain safeguarding measures, being subject to our regulatory compliance.

  • Deals

  • How do I redeem my deals/offers?

    Once you open your Everest account, you will have access to the dedicated page in your dashboard. Should you need assistance, we’d be happy to help you with the deals details and redemption guidelines. 

  • Want to open an Everest account?