Company creation : how to proceed with the deposit of the share capital

You are setting up a company and you are wondering where to deposit the share capital? Before officially starting your activity, several steps must be validated, including the deposit of the company’s share capital. The registration of the share capital is an essential step in the process of creating a company. First of all, you need to have a bank account in order to make this deposit. This is where the certificate of deposit comes in, the document that proves that the share capital has been registered. In this article we explain how to proceed. 

What is the share capital of a company?

The share capital is the original value of the company, represented by sums of money (cash contribution, shares, shares of other companies, etc.) and/or goods (buildings, goodwill, trademarks, patents, etc.) put at its disposal either by its partners or by its shareholders.

The deposit of the share capital is a mandatory step when creating a company (EURL, SARL, SASU, SAS). In return for their participation, the shareholders receive shares.

The founding partners of a company who have committed themselves to making contributions of money for the constitution of the share capital must deposit all or part of their contribution in a blocked account. Most often, this capital deposit is made with a bank, before the signature of the company’s articles of association.

Share capital of a company: where to deposit it?

The deposit consists of a sum of money deposited in an escrow account.

With the exception of sole proprietorships and the liberal professions, all companies are required to open a business account when the company is created. This is where the share capital will be deposited when the company is registered. It is possible to deposit the share capital with several actors:

  • A bank
  • The Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC)
  • A notary

First step: opening a bank account

The entrepreneur can use a bank established in Luxembourg or abroad. It depends on the bank, but you will certainly be asked:

  • the draft statutes of the company to be incorporated ;
  • a copy of the identity documents of the representatives of the company and of any agents. the address of the company’s head office ;
  • the mail address of the company (if different from the address of the head office);
  • the legal address of the representatives and agents
  • The amount to be blocked the application for deposit in accordance with the proposed model the articles of association the deposit regulations accompanied by a certificate indicating the source of the funds the identity document of the depositor and other creditors of the company the list of subscribers, the address of the company and of the company’s representative.


Second step: issue of the blocking certificate

On the basis of the draft articles of association, the bank opens a bank account which will remain blocked for all transactions until the company is incorporated. When the capital has been paid into the account, the bank issues a blocking certificate by which it undertakes to block the funds until the final incorporation of the company. The entrepreneur gives this certificate to the notary who proceeds with the incorporation of the company.

Third step: how to release the funds?

Once the share capital has been deposited and the company has been registered, the funds can be released. To do so, the manager(s) must present the Kbis extract (extract certifying the registration of the company in the trade and companies register). The funds are said to be released, i.e. usable for your professional operations, as soon as they are allocated to a bank account with its own IBAN (European format bank account number). According to the terms and conditions of capital payment of the different statutes, a legal minimum must be paid up at the time of the constitution of a company. This is what is meant by partial payment of the capital.

How to deposit your capital share with Everest and get the share deposit certificate?

You can deposit your capital share online with Everest to finalize your company registration. Once you open an account with Everest, you can make a simple money transfer and make the deposit using the provided IBAN.

You simply need to send a request to one of our agents at so we can deliver a blocking certificate for the notary. The funds are blocked on your Everest account until the registration of the company is completed.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to the blocking certificate here.

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