Why inviting your accountant to Everest will simplify your life

Doing the accounting of your company digitally is an innovation that is here to stay, and that has been transforming and streamlining the exchange of information between the owner and the accountant. With the use of technology, processes are less bureaucratic and paper is eliminated from the process.

Digital accounting is not just transporting to the computer what was on the papers, it goes much further than that, in addition to digitizing processes, it has artificial intelligence for data analysis, ensuring greater efficiency for your business.

When opening an Everest account, you can add the users you want and find necessary, giving personalized access to each one and different viewing rights.

Discover the benefits of giving your accountant and tax advisor access to your Everest account!

1. Save more time

Having the accountant direct access to your Everest account to view all the data and transactions of your company in real-time, it is easy and fast to download the information you need through our intuitive dashboard and, in just one click, you will have what you need to perform full reports.
In this way, say goodbye to delays in the accounting of your company, your accountant will be able to export the transactions and bank statements you need and you can dedicate yourself to your core business.

2. No risk of forgetting to document business transactions

All of your company’s legal obligations are now automated and organized, reducing the probability that a transaction has been forgotten and not added to the expense report to zero. The accountant can track all the transactions data of all the cards and download the monthly statements. Thus, the accountant prevents that error from occurring and ensures better security for your company, and also facilitates the fulfillment of tax obligations.

3. Save resources

This digital process becomes faster and more efficient, allowing you to reduce the time your accountant spends on these tasks and at the same time save costs in manual hours of work. Manual paper reports are no longer needed, you will be able to access all information through a computer or mobile phone.

4. A better organization

Your accountant and tax adviser can assign different tags to your account’s incoming and outgoing payments, separating them into categories for a better view and data organization. Transactions are categorized with tags to simplify the accounting process. Transaction data can be downloaded to a CSV file and exported straight into the accounting system.

5. Cloud security

All of your company’s documentation is hosted on a cloud, which reduces the chance of losing your reports to 0%. Only your accountant and the people you give access to your account will be able to view the entry and exit of invoices for example, preventing unauthorized people from having access to your files, or else they may somehow corrupt or tamper with data.

6. Sustainability

Nowadays, companies that join sustainable causes end up gaining greater empathy from the public and, consequently, have more customers. By giving your accountant digital access to your account, you can eliminate the use of paper in accounting processes, since access to your company’s data and reports is done directly on the screen of any computer or mobile phone.

The benefits of giving your accountant access to your Everest account are multiple, you gain greater productivity for your company and reduce costs and the risks of errors. Try Everest for free for 90 days without any commitment and enjoy special discounts and deals from our selected partners.

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