Startup Apéro : the entrepreneurs rendez-vous (even online) or how to grow your professional network

On February 11th, Denis Kiselev, founder and CEO of SnapSwap and creator of Everest took the stage to share his inspiring journey from Silicon Valley to Luxembourg. Denis shared his thoughts on the local tech ecosystem and gave some tips to the entrepreneurs community. The chat was then followed by the pitching series and the popular after party at De Gudde Wëllen supported by Technoport.

Startup Apéro is a popular event dedicated to entrepeneurs and startups. Organized by the magazine Silicon – created by Charles-Louis Machuron, entrepreneur himself – and dedicated to the startup community, this popular event brings together aspiring entrepeneurs, startuppers, students, developers and investors.

How did startup Apéro started?

The very first Startup Apéro started in January 2014 – under the name Silicon Talk. The first guest was Patrick Kersten, the founder of Doctena, who had just launched his startup. The format was the same as it is now, with one hour of live conversation with an entrepreneur on stage followed by an afterwork. Since then, Charles-Louis added an elevator pitch and open stage sessions to give the participants the opportunity to present their projects as well. Charles-Louis was already organizing this event in a bar called the

This monthly meeting aimed, since the beginning, to organize a friendly, relaxed and serious event, different from a workshop or a conference, around a beer and a pizza to discuss between entrepreneurs and create a real community. During these meetings, dozens of contacts are made and it is often the first event in which a new entrepreneur in Luxembourg participates to discover the startup ecosystem.

How does Startup Apéro continue during the Covid-19 crisis?

Since 2017, more than 1500 people have participated in “Startup Apéro” events. During the COVID time, Charles-Louis reinvented the format of Startup Apéro and for the first time organized an online event on Instagram to gather the community of entrepreneurs around the greater region and Luxembourg. During one hour, Charles-Louis talked with four entrepreneurs to get their news and to know how they live this period. The first four guests will be: Luka Heindrichs (De Gudde Wëllen), eLfy Pins (Supermiro), Serge Deuces (From the Duchy) and Eric Busch (Nexten). People were invited to ask questions on the social networks of Silicon Luxembourg.

An entrepreneur’s vision

In Charles-Louis’ mind, the startup ecosystem is increasingly dynamic and structured with numerous incubators, coworking spaces, programs, events, training courses. The main stones for the building were laid between 2014 and 2018 and it is now necessary to enable the creation of dozens of Luxembourg success stories and to reach out to each entrepreneur to find clients, funds, etc.

“ Being an entrepreneur is a “job” that I learned on the job and late”. According to him, no one is not born an entrepreneur. “I find myself fully involved in the multitude of tasks to be carried out, in the ability to do what I want to do, to work on personal projects, to give value to my ideas, to learn on a daily basis. I really encourage everyone who has tried the adventure, at least once in his or her life.”

Charles-Louis Machuron is the editor-in-chief for Silicon Luxembourg. After Charles-Louis graduated from Audencia Nantes in Marketing, Design and Creation and Université Paris-Dauphine in Economics and Sports Management, he got ten years’ cumulative experience in marketing, sales, social media, business development and event management with his various experiences in France, Canada and Luxembourg.

He founded Silicon Luxembourg, the first media for startup news in Luxembourg, in 2013. Silicon Luxembourg is the B2B media platform dedicated to the news of startups in Luxembourg. Charles-Louis is managing the day-to-day development (writing and editing, marketing and sales management, IT development, event management with the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club, the first private business club for tech innovators.

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