Why opening a business bank account online?

 A happy entrepreneur / owner is the one who has all bills paid on time and whose revenue grows. Paying a bill twice or forgetting how much you will receive on a certain date are situations that everyone goes through. To avoid these problems, it is important to organize the company’s cash inflows and outflows, and this something doable thanks to tools provided by online banks.

 In this article, you will learn more about the advantages of opening a business bank account online and will have the opportunity to see how Everest directly contributes to the management of your business and, in particular, to financial control and accounts payable and receivable.

Advantages specific to online banking

Services with lower fees: streamlined and automated processes also make it possible to reduce the costs of products and services. For example, with online banks, fees such as account maintenance will be lower or be none. 

Convenience: access to all the services and facilities offered by traditional banks, without having to leave home or pay rates. Services are reachable online through desktop or mobile, 24/7.

Control of finances: the user has much more control of what is happening in his financial life. With a few clicks it is possible to access balance, schedule payments and collections, make transfers, but also receive notifications in real-time, among other operations.

Reduction of bureaucracy and more agility: the automation of processes also makes possible the reduction of bureaucracy and consequent agility in operations. It is now possible to open bank accounts and apply for a credit line, completely online, in just a few minutes.

Technology at the service of the user: fully digital companies use technological resources in favor of practicality and quality. In this way, it is possible to solve everything online and with guaranteed data security.

Better consumer experience: digital companies are prepared to serve the most varied public profile. It is not necessary to have a certain familiarity with the technology to take advantage of these advantages, since one of its main characteristics is the care in improving the consumer experience, including those who are not digital natives.

What are the advantages and benefits of opening an Everest business account?

Everest helps companies gain the structure and financial control that contributes to simplify entrepreneurs life:

  • Open an online business current account to make online purchases, regular transfers and collect payments easily, all at a click distance and 100% digital.
  • Invite your team members, assign roles and permissions to individuals within the company
  • Access expense management tools with one-click receipt scanning, tagging and transaction tracking
  • Transaction search, expense report export and unlimited transaction data history are available for any period.
  • Access a line of credit when you need it, pay expenses at the end of the month, and extend the repayment term if necessary
  • Request multiple credit and debit cards for you and your team.
  • Close, lock or temporarily freeze your cards, set spending limits or allowable usage rules for your dashboard.

Functions like these are great allies for managing the business. In addition to gaining more time in daily tasks and activities that generate profit, the entrepreneur has at his disposal a completely online, simple and easy-to-use system. Access to an overview of finances, based on accurate information, contributes to assertive decision-making.

How to open an online business account with Everest?

All this financial management is essential for business success! And with Everest you have all this information centralized and automated. The online registration takes only a few minutes and the whole process is 100% digital. You will get a current account for your business expenses, a local IBAN, Mastercard debit or credit cards. For detailed steps please check the tutorial: /index.php/how-to-open-an-everest-account/index.html

If you have any questions, you can contact us via info@everestcard.com and our team will be pleased to assist you in the opening of your account.

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